Pro-Se Divorce

Pro-Se Divorce (Divorce without an attorney)

Must not have any real property

Must not have children under the age of 18

  1. Original and 2 copies of the Original Petition for Divorce signed by the Petitioner and attach the Standing Order to the original and (2) copies. The Standing order can be found on this web site on the District Clerk page.

  2. The Standing Order Certificate acknowledging the Standing Order must be notarized. The Standing Order Certificate can be found on this website, under the District Clerk page.

  3. Waiver of Citation signed by the Respondent in front of a Notary.  

  4. Court Testimony – 2 copies, one for the file and one for yourself. (This is what you are going to say in front of the judge on the day of your final hearing.)

  5. BVS-Information on Suit Affecting the Family Relationship. This form is sent to Austin, Texas to report divorces.

  6. Original copy of the Final Decree of Divorce signed by BOTH parties. The Decree needs to be worded to fit your situation, filling in blanks with n/a is not acceptable.

  7. Make sure there is an email included on your paperwork for both parties, so that you will be able to receive any paperwork/settings pertaining to your divorce.

We DO NOT furnish any of this paper work. For reference visit

You CAN NOT just print form off and fill in blank. It must be customized to meet your situation.