Cattle Brands

Our office is open from Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm! Please come into our office to register your brand(s)!

A brand is proof of ownership and the best way to identify livestock.

The brand record contains a description of the design or elements of the brand, where on the livestock the brand is located, and any ear marks that are used to identify livestock.

Every 10 years that end in 1, Texas requires that brands be re-registered in the county or counties in which livestock is operated.  All brands that are currently registered will expire August 30, 2021.  Re-registration will begin August 31, 2021 and will conclude February 28, 2022.

How Do I Register a Brand?

The Mark & Brand Application will be provided and processed in the County Clerk’s Office at time of registration.

When a new brand or renewal is filed, the County Clerk’s Office will verify that the brand is not currently in use or verify the current owner of the brand.

How much does it cost to register a brand?

  • $26.00 per brand

  • $5.00 each additional animal (species)

  • $5.00 each additional brand location on animal

Estrays (Stray Livestock)

According to Chapter 142 of the Texas Agriculture Code, “…report the presence of the estray to the sheriff of the county in which the estray is discovered.”

Cattle Brand Documents

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