Indigent Health Care

Erath County Indigent Health Care

Indigent Health Care is designed to provide covered healthcare services to eligible, low income residents of Erath County who have no other public or private healthcare benefits and meet residency, income and resource limits set forth by this program. Verifying documentation must be provided to determine eligibility. The process can take two weeks to complete determination.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Residence: Must live in Erath County and intend to stay in Erath County.

       a. Must have Driver License with Erath County address

       b. Prefer 6 months residency in Erath County as proof of intent to stay

       c. Disqualified if applicant becomes resident of Erath County for the sole purpose of                obtaining health care assistance.

       d. A person who is an inmate of a state agency is not considered a resident of the                   county

2. Income: May not exceed the minimum of 21% of Federal Poverty Income Level

3. Resources: May not exceed $2000 per month (or $3000 if aged or disabled)

       a. Equity of a vehicle cannot be greater than $4650.00

4. Citizenship: US citizen

5. Medical need: Must have a medical need of some kind

6. Application: Packet must be completed in entirety and all documentation provided

7. Applicant: Must show proof:

       a. SSI/SDI denial

       b. Medicaid denial

       c. “Active” account with Texas Workforce Commission and actively seeking                              employment.

Maximum County liability for each fiscal year for health care services to each Erath County client is:

     $30,000; or

     30 days of hospitalization (Inpatient) or Skilled Nursing Facility or combination, or                $30,000, whichever occurs first

Erath County is the payer of last resort and shall provide assistance only if other adequate public assistance or private sources of payment are not available. Erath County is not secondary to any insurance benefits or exhausted benefits.