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    May 15, 2020 - Fourth Declaration of Disaster for Erath County in Regards to COVID-19

    NOW, THEREFORE, THE ERATH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COURT, does hereby certify that COVID-19 continues to pose an imminent threat of disaster and declares that Erath County wishes to continue a state of local disaster due to COVID-19 and amends and modifies... See Full Declaration Here...

    Erath County Press Release Regarding 25-50% Occupancy

    Stephenville, TEXAS—Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos today affirmed and certified to the Texas Department of Health Services that the County has fewer than five active COVID-19 cases. If the number of active cases remains at or below the threshold...... Read on...
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    Updates for Upcoming Elections in Regards to COVID-19

    Due to COVID-19, General, Special Elections, Presidential Election and the Primary Runoff Election has been postponed until... Both of these Proclamations are available here on the Elections page. View the Proclamations on our Elections page...
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    Sign Up for Free CodeRed Emergency Notification Service

    When seconds count, residents must be fully informed and continuously updated. This service automatically notifies citizens by delivering an automated warning message to land line telephones using geo-location... Find Additional Info and Sign Up Here...
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    Website Personalization Now Available!

    With the launch of the new MyAccount feature, visitors to our website can now customize their viewing experience! Read on...
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