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Kind of Animal: Horse
Breed: Miniature Shetland
Color: dark brown
Sex: Stud
Age: 10 to 12 years of age
Size: approximately 225 pounds
Location: 3046 CR 176

Kind of Animal: Donkey
Breed: Unknown
Color: Black with White snout
Sex: jack and jenny and yearling
Age: 3-6 years and 1 years
Size: 350-400 pounds/ 200 pounds
Location: FM 2481

Kind of Animal: Donkey
Breed: Unknown
Color: Red and White/gray
Sex: 2 jacks
Age: both are 6 to 10 years old
Size: (1) 375 (1) 275
Location: Turkey Ridge RD/ CR 277


To claim the estray or ask questions contact the Erath County Sheriff's Office at 254-965-3338.

If there is nothing listed above, there are currently no estray livestock impounded at this time.
Please feel free to check back at a later time for updates.


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