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Kind of Animal: Equine
Breed: Unknown
Color: (3) white (1) gray
Sex: (jenny) (1) jack
Age: 4-8 years of age
Size: 150- to 250 pounds
Location: Timber Hills Edition

Kind of Animal: Bovine
Breed: Jersey
Color: Tan
Sex: Cow
Age: approx 2 years old
Size: approx 850 pounds
Location: CR 509 at CR 176

Kind of Animal: Bovine
Breed: Possible Angus
Color: Black
Sex: Cow
Age: approx 3 to 6 years old
Size: about 1000 pounds
Location: Hospital parking lot

Kind of Animal: Equine
Breed: unknown
Color: Gray, Gray
Sex: Jenny, Jack
Age: jenny 4-8 jack 10-14 yrs
Size: between 125 to 250 lbs
Location: CR 271

Kind of Animal: Equine
Breed: Donkeys
Color: gray,white,spotted
Sex: (3) jenny (2) jack
Age: 5 to 8 years of age
Size: 100 to 150 pounds
Location: CR 271


To claim the estray or ask questions contact the Erath County Sheriff's Office at 254-965-3338.

If there is nothing listed above, there are currently no estray livestock impounded at this time.
Please feel free to check back at a later time for updates.


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