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County Auditor











Erath County Courthouse
100 West Washington
Stephenville, Texas 76401


Phone: 254-965-1446
Fax: 254-965-1401

: cauditor@co.erath.tx.us

Duties & Responsibilities of the COUNTY AUDITOR from the Texas Association of Counties.


Vendor Information

Vendor Registration Forms

Vending Machines

Purchasing Information

Erath County Purchasing Policy Presentation

Erath County Purchasing Policy

Expense Report (Excel Spreadsheet)

Purchase Requistion Form

Per Diem Rates Fiscal Year 2018

Inventory Change Form

Credit Card Usage Policy

Credit Card Request Form


Internal Audits and Compliance

Internal Audits

Sheriff Office Inventory Audit Report 2019

FY19 Commissary Audit

County Clerk Invenvory 2019

County Attorney Inventory 2019

District Clerk Inventory 2019

District Judge Inventory 2019

District Attorney Inventory 2019

Contable 1 Inventory 2019

Veteran Services Inventory 2019

JP1 Inventory 2019

Maint. Barn Inventory 2019

Bank Reconciliation Audit Tax Assessor 2018 Oct

EMS Random Medication Count Q3 2019

Precinct 3 Inventory 2019

Precinct 1 Inventory 2019

Vehicle Inventory 2019

Environmental Control Office Sep 2018 Audit

Treasurer's Office - Payroll Audit June 2018

Property Room Report - 7-3-2018

Treasurer- Accounts Payable June 2018

SO Follow-up Audit Rpt 01-24-2018

SO Audit Report 9-28-2017

FY2017 Jail Commissary Audit Report

2017 Complaint – Commissioner Jackson

2017 District Clerk Audit Report

Compliance Reports

FY19 Forteiture Report - SO

FY18 Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Rpt - SO

FY18 Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Rpt - DA

FY17 Q4 CSCD Report

FY17 Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Rpt – DA

FY2017 Texas Indigent Defense Commission

Cash Counts

2019 Sept. Emplyee Separation Cash Count

2019 Q3 Cash Counts

2019 Q2 Cash Counts

2019 Q1 Cash Counts

2018 Q4 Cash Counts

2018 Q3 Cash Counts

Termination May 2018 Cash Count

2018 Q2 Cash Counts

2018 Q1 Cash Counts

2017 Q4 Cash Counts



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